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Gigit helps communities use the power of social media to connect with local non-profits, businesses, and schools to make a positive impact. Stop just posting and sharing and start doing! Shop local, volunteer, donate, find paid gig work, run a fundraiser, and more! Your Gigit profile tracks the impact you’re making and creates a social profile with value!


Welcome to Gigit!

You’ve just landed on the next generation of social media!


We're a social platform that helps you build a profile based on the impact you have in the world around you.

Your profile on Gigit is much more than just another social media profile of images, friends, and posts.  It automatically tracks each experience, interaction, transaction, acquired skill, and so many other things you do to have impact, creating a profile you’ll be proud to share with the world.

Gigit allows people to not only connect with each other, but to support and connect with local non-profits, businesses, service providers, organizations, and schools through actual transactions and not just traditional social posts in the way social media is usually used.

Now, you can easily find and purchase local products and services, find volunteer opportunities or paid gig work, start a fundraiser for a cause you care about, donate to a local non-profit, purchase an event ticket, and so much more.

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So, what is Gigit exactly?

Gigit is a social platform that allows users, who sign-up for free profiles, to connect with non-profits, businesses, community groups, organizations, schools, and other users online.

But, unlike other social platforms, Gigit is focused on supporting, improving, and facilitating the great things that are happening within our local communities – things like shopping local, volunteering, supporting local causes and charities, or running local events and activities – and the people and organizations that bring these things to life within our communities.

Being active on Gigit’s social platform means that you are visible to your local community in a way that shares your skills, interests, abilities, experiences, activities, and stories as they relate to your local community – your volunteer interests, your local gig work, the local products, or services you purchase or are searching for, events you’ve created or attended – and more. It is a social platform with real purpose that, when we use it together, can make a real difference in the world around us.


We’ve evolved social media to be something more.

Gigit isn’t just for individuals.

Gigit is the first social network that is also a world-class management solution for organizations and businesses. Traditional social media sites allow you to post, share, and comment but they don’t provide the backend required to actually manage an organization’s operations.

Gigit takes the next step by combining the power of a social network with the tools organizations and businesses need, reducing the number of products and platforms they have to use to engage their audiences and manage their operations.

Organizations and businesses are provided with a world-class management portal that has the features and functionality specific to the needs of their business or organization type. From volunteer management, donor & donations management, and peer-to-peer fundraising for non-profits to e-commerce and hiring paid gig employees for local businesses - and all of the detailed administration that goes along with the required functionality - in one comprehensive platform.

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And, Gigit loves giving back.

With more than just connections driving our social platform, we want to be active participants in the local communities we’re helping to support. To do this, a percentage of all Gigit revenue generated from monetary transactions is given back to the non-profit organizations that use Gigit, making every action users take go a little further.


How do I use it?

Use Gigit to search for the local events, organizations, products and services, work, or volunteer opportunities, that you need or want to support in your local community. You’ll be able to make donations, apply for volunteer and paid gig work opportunities, purchase merchandise or event tickets, bid on auction items, or create and promote your own fundraisers for the causes and organizations that matter most to you.

Gigit’s intuitive user experience makes it easy to navigate, add to your profile, create events, and post information. Plus, our built-in tour guide will ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Get registered to get your personal Gigit profile started so you can share the impact you’re making with the world! Your profile will share stories and experiences, collect work or volunteer skills, highlight your interests and preferences, and keep a record of every transaction you make through Gigit in one safe, easy to access place. The more you do, the more your profile grows!

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Gigit's Solutions

Gigit provides solutions for everyone!


Gigit for Non-Profits

Non-profits need more than software to succeed. They need an engaged social network that brings the whole community together – combined with a free, world-class operational management system. You shouldn’t have to pay to do good things for your community.


Gigit for Businesses

Finding and attracting local customers and the right paid workers to support your business can be tough – especially if you don’t have an ecommerce storefront or an engaged social network – but Gigit solves both of these problems!


Gigit for Students & School Boards

Igniting the passion in students to get involved in their local communities is just as important as the rest of their education. Gigit is a safe resource for volunteer opportunities, and a simple way to track and verify student volunteer hours for schools.


Gigit for Universities & Colleges

Connect your students to each other, as well as their school and campus community, with a social network that also provides the tools student organizations need to manage their activities, and the insights and data schools need to make great decisions for their students.


Gigit Concierge – Coming Soon!

Gigit Concierge is here to help your organization or business get the most out of Gigit. Gigit is always FREE to use anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Gigit Concierge is a paid support service that’s just a little extra help when you need it.