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Gigit is a FREE, all-in-one social platform that works with hundreds of partners to bring together non-profits, businesses, organizations, groups, schools, associations, and individual community members to better serve the needs of their local communities in one, simple to use, and easy to access, social platform.


Since 2017, Gigit has continued to grow and develop, adding new features, functionality, and flexibility to the platform as we continuously improve the user experience both for organizations and individuals.


Having started out with a focus on serving the non-profit community sector, our partners currently include leading not-for-profit organizations such as United Way, MADD Canada, volunteer associations like BRAVA-Brant and Volunteer Halton, and school boards such as the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board – not to mention all types of individual charitable organizations and foundations of all sizes.


Our Gigit Resume, generated for every individual community member, has become an important piece of experience and skill-set proof used not only by hundreds of high school students as they earn their required volunteer hours and apply for university and college admissions, but also by those looking to leverage new skills and experiences in their workplaces and careers.


But perhaps most exciting, the insight and analytics we are able to aggregate about local communities and the various sectors and groups within them, is invaluable data for all of our partners.

It's the FREE platform that gives back

Not only is Gigit FREE to use, we also give back a portion of our revenue to every organization, business, group, association, or school that uses the platform to manage online transactions – from accepting donations to paid gig work to processing membership fees to event ticket or merchandise sales – each transaction adds up to a donation in return. We believe that giving back is important and we want to help you support the communities you serve.

It’s just a different way of thinking that allows your organization, business, group, or school to:


Gigit is a FREE platform to use. Eliminate unnecessary software fees while getting more functionality and a better solution.


Based on your organization’s in-platform transactions, you could add a significant revenue stream to support operations or programs for your group or community, or add to your bottom line business revenue, instead of spending money on software.


A zero cost platform removes the risk of spending money on the wrong software package(s) while allowing your organization to try new initiatives without worrying about the cost of software to run them when the outcome is unproven.

Software, business, and not-for-profit expertise combined

Our Gigit team is made up of leaders in the software engineering, business consulting, and not-for-profit sectors, marrying together the expertise required to create this unique online tool that replaces the need for multiple management platforms.


Our senior team members have decades of experience delivering software to some of the largest companies and industries in the world and working in and serving the for-profit and not-for-profit sector at municipal, provincial, and national levels.

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