Frequently asked questions

Is Gigit Really FREE?

YES! Gigit is a FREE platform for any organization to use.

However, there are some small transaction fees that get added to certain transactions within the Gigit platform that users will pay. Organizations can choose to pay these fees on behalf of their users if they wish. Note that these fees are subject to change but we will keep them updated on an ongoing basis.

Ticket Sales - 2% + .49c + Stripe processing fee (2.9% + $0.30 or 2.2% + $0.30 for NFP)

Donations - Optional Gigit Tip + Stripe processing fee (2.9% + $0.30 or 2.2% + $0.30 for NFP)

Merchandise Sales - 10% + Stripe processing fee (2.9% + $0.30 or 2.2% + $0.30 for NFP)

Auction Item Sales - 4% + Stripe processing fee (2.9% + $0.30 or 2.2% + $0.30 for NFP)

Paid Gigs - 10% total fee including Strip processing fees

Is Gigit Data Secure?

Gigit takes your security and privacy seriously and have worked hard to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

  • Gigit has secured partnerships with multiple high school boards across Ontario. In order to do this we must meet and maintain security procedures that meet their standards
  • Unlike many other applications in the nonprofit software space, Gigit is built on a modern technology stack which makes it stand out from the rest. Including but not limited to;
    • Network Isolation
    • Role-based access management
    • End-to-end encryption
  • Gigit data is currently all stored in Canada
  • Data is hosted with partners who meet the highest standards in security.

Does Gigit Offer Customer Support?

Gigit has put in place a number of support resources to ensure you have the help you need, when you need it. And like our platform, this support is completely FREE!

  • Intuitive design and in app direction: Product support starts with the product itself. Gigit has invested heavily in the area of UI/UX design to ensure the platform is simple and easy to use, including the use of in app tours.
  • Online chat: Easily access a support representative through the online chat, anywhere in the application.
  • Contact Us: Our community representatives and support team are always here to help. At any point you can reach your Gigit representative by email or phone and they will ensure you have access to the resources you need: Contact Us
  • Training & Resources: Our resource centre for all users includes how-to videos and other training / implementation resources. View Resources

Does Gigit Offer A Full Donor Management System?

YES! Managing donors and collecting online donations, whether one-time or recurring, is a simple and seamless part of the Gigit Community platform - without the need to use separate programs or multiple platforms to manage different parts of the donation and donor stewardship process.

  • Manage Donations: Connect your Gigit donation page to your Stripe account for simple and easy collection of one-time and recurring online donations. In addition, call-in, mail-in, and cash donations can be added to the system, keeping everything in one place for easy management, access, and analysis.
  • Steward Donors: Communicate with donors pre and post donation to steward them through their relationship with your organization and achieving your fundraising goals.
  • Issue Tax Receipts: Automatically or manually issue donation tax receipts as required.
  • Analyze The Data: Maintain a line of sight to donations and fundraising objectives, as well review donor and donation data along the way to gear messaging and goals appropriately.

Does Gigit Offer A Full Volunteer Management System?

YES! Give your organization and your volunteers a simple, easy, and efficient way to get the job done.

  • Post Opportunities: Generate awareness for your volunteer needs within the gigit volunteer community, as well as provide a link to your volunteer posting in all of your outgoing communications.
  • Manage Applications: Not only receive applications through your posting, but also search Gigit Community to find qualified volunteers you can invite to apply.
  • Communicate with Volunteers and Applicants: Communicate with applicants and volunteers directly within the platform, ensuring everyone gets the message in one, easy to access and manage place.
  • Organize Calendars & Schedules: Schedule assignments and create calendars within the platform to keep everything in one place, that everyone involved can access.
  • Track Volunteer Hours: Manage and track volunteer hours both for your organization and for individual volunteers.
  • Analyze Data: Understanding how and where volunteers are being deployed as well as how many volunteer hours are being used, are all important data points that will help you make important decisions for your organization and your community.

Does Gigit Offer A Full Event Management Platform?

YES! Whether a webinar, a fundraising gala, or peer-to-peer events such as walks, pub crawls, remote wine tastings, or other activities – whether virtual or in-person – Gigit Community makes selling tickets, managing event communications, and tracking progress easy.

  • Post Events: Get the word out and generate awareness by creating an event page and providing a link in your outgoing communications. Making it public means it’s searchable so anyone can find it and join in the fun! Keep it private for invitation-only activities.
  • Manage Event Communications: Send out invitations, collect RSVPs, and maintain ongoing event communications with registered participants.
  • Sell Tickets & Merchandise: Sell tickets to manage event attendance and to generate revenue or fundraise. Plus, if you have special merchandise – like event T-shirts - sell those on Gigit Community as well!
  • Review Event ROI & Data: Monitor your ticket sales, attendees, and funds raised, as well as generate post-event analytics so you’ll be able to continuously improve.

Does Gigit Offer Simple And Effective Peer-To-Peer Fundraising And Fundraising-On-Behalf-Of Functionality?

YES! Every organization needs peer-to-peer fundraising and fundraising on-behalf-of activities – not only to engage the community, but to drive the donations needed to meet fundraising objectives. Make it simple for individuals and smaller groups to organize, manage, and accept online donations with Gigit Community.

  • Easy Fundraising Landing Pages For Teams & Individuals: Each group or individual can create their own event page that’s linked directly to your organization’s group page, ensuring ease of donation collections and visibility for their events within Gigit Community. Plus, every team or fundraising event has a unique url that can be included in outgoing communications.
  • Manage Fundraising Communications: Communicate with supporters and donors pre and post event to share the whole story about achieving event fundraising goals.
  • Issue Automated or Manual Tax Receipts: issue donation tax receipts as required.
  • Manage Donations: Peer-to-peer events and fundraising-on-behalf-of events are connected to Stripe accounts for simple and easy collection of one-time and recurring online donations. In addition, call-in, mail-in, and cash donations can be added to the system, keeping everything in one place for easy management, access, and analysis. Plus, your teams and fundraisers can ensure funds collected go directly into your account.
  • Fundraising Analysis: Give individuals and groups a way to track support and donations to keep their fundraising goals in sight.

What Are The Payment Processing Platforms Gigit Uses?

Currently Gigit uses Stripe – the largest payment processor in the world. However, we recognize that not everyone can use Stripe and we’ll be adding PayPal as an option shortly.

How Can I Send Feedback Or Ask For Additional Functionality?

At Gigit, we want to ensure that our platform is meeting your organization’s needs. If there are features or functionality you think we’re missing, or that you’d love to have, please let us know!

Or, if there are things you think we could do better, we’d like to know that too.

Use our feedback form to tell us what you think. Leave Feedback

Who Is The Leadership Team At Gigit?

Our team is made up of leaders in the software engineering and not-for-profit business sectors, marrying together the expertise required to create this unique online tool that replaces the need for multiple management platforms.

Our senior team members have decades of experience delivering software to some of the largest companies and industries in the world, and working in the not-for-profit sector at municipal, provincial, and national levels.


Chairman of the Board

With a passion for building great software companies, John has started, built, and successfully exited, multiple software start-ups over the past 22 years. His most recent venture, VIZIYA was acquired by Quarterhill Inc. in June 2017.


Advisor & Board Member

As a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and VC, Sean’s experience and ongoing consultancy is a tremendous leadership asset for gigit.


President & Co-Founder

A senior product manager and executive with 15 years of experience delivering enterprise level software as a developer, pre-sales engineer, and product manager.


Vice President, Development

A senior developer who has over 20 years of experience delivering enterprise level applications to some of the biggest companies on the planet.


Vice President, Marketing & Communications

With over 25 years of marketing, communications, and not-for-profit sector experience, Sarah has delivered successful campaigns and communications at local, provincial, and national levels.

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