Get started with Gigit

Getting started is easy!

With an intuitive user experience and drag-and-drop functionality, getting started with Gigit is simple. But before you jump right in, here are a few things you’ll want to have handy:

  • Your organization’s logo in jpg format list image (recommended size 400px x 400px)

  • A header image you’ve chosen for your group page in jpg format. Consider an image that reflects what your organization does or the people it serves. (recommended size 758px x 380px or 1570px x 760px)

  • Copy for an overall organization description.

  • A list of the causes or communities or special interests that you serve (think of short terms or “keywords” that people might use to find your organization)

  • Any additional images or videos that you will want to showcase on your group page.

  • Your banking information to set up a Stripe account so you can begin accepting donations or managing other transactions. OR your Stripe account login information to connect it to your group page on Gigit.

  • A list of any volunteer or paid opportunities, or fundraising events you’d like to post right away.

Need training or a helping hand?

If you’d like to book a meeting with Gigit for support to get started, or a more in-depth training session for the platform, you can book a meeting time now.

How do I get my data into Gigit?

If you have data in another platform that you would like transitioned to Gigit, we will help! You can get started on your Data Migration now!

We're always here to help!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to find more answers.  And, don't forget you can always Contact Us too!

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