Gigit for Business

Tap into the power of your community

Gigit is the only social platform that connects businesses to the communities that surround them and that has a world-class operational management system built right in!


Gigit is free and it gives back to charities and local communities


Gigit’s social media platform connects organizations and businesses to engaged community members


Gigit lets you simply and easily build an online eCommerce store, find and hire paid workers, crowdfund, and so much more, in one place


Gigit is a social platform that connects your business to your community.

Gigit gives businesses access to the individual community members who are looking for the products or services you provide, and the local paid gig work positions you need to fill. Create and promote your business events on Gigit to tap into an engaged community of potential attendees, plus find the causes or organizations that your business wants to sponsor or support.

On Gigit, any business can create a microsite that provides a unique, shareable URL and handle with multiple, tabbed page navigation, images, content, videos, and branding. Customize your message to tell your local community story. Not only will you have it built in minutes with Gigit, but now your business’s profile is readily accessible to everyone in your community.


Gigit is also a world-class operational management system.

Once you’re on Gigit, creating and managing an online store, event, or finding and hiring paid gig workers is easy!

Using intuitive drag & drop tools, build your transactional storefront with the functionality you need to sell products and services online. As your community’s hub grows, have your products or services aggregated into a searchable “local Amazon” and harness the power of Gigit for your business.

And, when you harness the power of Gigit’s social network, you’ll have the ability to search for and hire the local workers you need to support your business, as well as accept their applications, schedule your employees, track hours, and pay them.

If you’re looking for a way to launch a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, Gigit has the tools and the access to opportunities your organization and your employees need in the local communities you serve.

Virtual Storefront Creation

Create an online storefront or marketplace in minutes and start selling your products and services to the local community members who are looking for them

Paid Gig Worker/Employee Management

Simple yet robust employee management tools that allow you to find, manage, schedule, track hours, pay, and communicate with your workers.

Event Management

Whether you’re hosting a fashion show, product demonstration, webinar, or business conference, you can now manage everything from event volunteers and workers to ticket sales to ticket sales receipts all right here.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Use Gigit to launch a comprehensive program to get your employees engaged in their local communities and get the data you need about their aggregate impact.

Data & Analytics

The information and insight you need to make better business and community support decisions.

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