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The future of non-profit fundraising is here.

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What to expect when you start using Gigit

Raise money easily

Raise money

Create events, collect online donations, and start raising funds in five minutes. Literally.

Connect online with your community

Connect online

Meet the most engaged members of your community who are ready to make a difference.

Gigit is always free

Always free

It shouldn’t cost you money to raise money. Use your budget where it matters most – making a difference in your community.


Every day, Gigit helps non-profits streamline their process


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Users joining Gigit every month

Every day, Gigit helps non-profits streamline their process

Join the growing group of Gigit users who simplify how they raise money, engage their community, and find new ways to encourage donations. Stop paying for multiple platforms that are hard to use and take up way too much of your time.

Gigit’s all-in-one solution gives you a single place to do it all!

  • Find and manage volunteers
  • Manage donors and donations
  • Issue tax receipts
  • Manage events
  • Sell event tickets and merchandise
  • Build ecommerce stores
  • Create and manage online auctions
  • Host livestream events and fundraisers
  • Run peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • Encourage and promote fundraising-on-behalf-of
  • Build community connections
  • Review data and analytics


Let Gigit give you a better way to connect to your community

Let Gigit give you a better way to connect to your community

Gigit’s users are engaged community members, like volunteers, donors, fundraisers, local shoppers, and paid workers, who want to make a positive impact. Gigit gives you and your organization a way to be found by these special people – creating stronger connections for everyone. Stop just sharing and start connecting on Gigit’s social network built especially for those who help build better communities.

  • Individual user profiles collect meaningful data and insights
  • Customizable CRM attributes let you collect what you need to know
  • Group pages for organizations promote non-profits to their local community
  • Multiple ways to share from Gigit makes it easy to connect

Connect with your community better with a nonprofit fundraising platform

Features of Gigit that amaze our users

Gigit features and functionality that amaze our users

Features of Gigit that amaze our users

Gigit is filled with features and functionality created to make fundraising, managing volunteers, collecting donations, stewarding donors, and engaging your community easier. Here’s a few our users really love:

drag and drop components

Drag & Drop Components

Your fundraising, donations, events and volunteer initiatives can easily be managed with our functionality-rich components. Just select what you want to do, place it on your page and it’s ready to go with everything you need built right in!

intuitive action buttons

Intuitive Action Buttons

Gigit automatically knows when your priority is selling tickets to an event, collecting donations, or finding volunteers – and arranges the action buttons accordingly to ensure high visibility and encourage engagement!

share your story within Gigit

Share right from your Gigit pages

Gigit makes it simple to share your event, auction, donate button and more. Just click the Share button on any Gigit page and choose from multiple ways to share right out of Gigit and into your marketing platforms!


Learn how others win with Gigit


How MADD Canada stepped into successful online fundraising

When COVID hit and MADD Canada needed to find a way to still host their major national fundraising event and auction, Gigit provided the platform this important national organization required. Working with MADD Canada Chapters and Community Leader Groups across Canada, Gigit helped MADD reimagine their Strides for Change peer-to-peer fundraising walkathon and auction as a virtual event…

MADD Canada & Gigit marketplace built a successful online fundraiser
MADD Canada & Gigit marketplace built a successful online fundraiser