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Student volunteer opportunities and hours tracking with verification in one place

Gigit’s safe social platform makes it easy for students to search and apply for local volunteer opportunities. Plus, with Gigit’s world-class operational management backend, it makes it easy for schools to get a report of these hours tracked and verified.

School & School Board Solutions with Gigit Marketplace

Gigit is free and it gives back to charities and local communities


Gigit’s social media platform connects organizations to engaged community members


Gigit provides students with local volunteer opportunities, as well as tracking and verifying their volunteer hours for simple reporting back to the school

Gigit Marketplace is building better communities together

Building better communities together.

Learning to ignite the philanthropic spirit is just as important as academic education. While it can vary across regions and countries, many individual secondary schools, districts, and education boards require or provide elective courses where high school students must earn volunteer hours either to graduate or earn credits. But this can be challenging for both the student and their school to manage.

As a social platform that facilitates robust volunteer opportunities, Gigit connects students and their families to their local organizations, making it simple for students to find volunteer opportunities. With every opportunity, new skills and experiences are automatically added to each student’s Gigit resume, creating a student profile that can be pivotal to finding their first paid employment or gaining entrance to university or college.

Students can search for opportunities in their local community based on both interest and location, and then apply directly in Gigit. Hours worked are tracked and verified in Gigit by each organization, providing documented hours the student can hand in to the school.

Schools, Boards, and parents can rest assured that their students are using a secure platform that protects their privacy and information.


Make Gigit the “go to” for your students!

Gigit has worked closely with school boards and schools to ensure security and privacy requirements for working with students and their families are met. We can provide your school(s) with the support you require to connect your students to the Gigit social platform.

Learn how to make Gigit the go-to for your students!

Here’s what some of our schools and boards have to say about Gigit

HWDSB Logo - Gigit Marketplace Testimonial

Penny Deathe

HWDSB Trustee - Ward 15

"Volunteering is not only a graduation requirement, but a way for our students to get valuable experience and give back to their community.  Gigit has made it easier for our students to know about and access volunteer opportunities in their community, helping us to achieve one of our HWDSB goals of “all students graduating"

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