Donations & Donor Management


Complete donor and donation management in one place.

When fundraising is your objective, understanding the donors that support your organization is fundamental to finding and stewarding your most engaged givers. Gigit’s robust donor profiles and custom CRM fields, in conjunction with a single source platform for managing all online and offline donations in one place, gives you the insights you require to make your best fundraising and donor stewardship decisions.

Gigit provides free, comprehensive donation and donor management within our world-class operational platform, allowing you to:

  • Accept and process online donations
  • Track offline donations
  • Issue tax receipts
  • Create campaigns and attribute funds for specific fundraising objectives
  • Communicate directly with your donors
  • Steward your donors more effectively


Activate your Donate button and start accepting online donations today!

Once you’ve activated your Donate button, you can put it anywhere – including emails, social posts, and on your website - to collect online donations directly into your account. Gigit never touches your donation dollars, and every one of them goes directly to you. Gigit’s simple online donation form allows donors to donate in honour or in memory of someone special, as well as choose to which of your campaigns they want their donated dollars attributed.


Track offline donations for complete donation and donor records.

Any donation made offline – in cash, by cheque, or other forms of giving – can also be managed in Gigit, ensuring you have a complete record for your donations and donors. Simply add the offline donations to a donor’s record manually so that you can see their complete giving picture and not just what’s processed directly online.


Issue automated or manual tax receipts for every eligible donation.

As a registered charity, setting up tax receipts in Gigit is simple and you can choose to automate the process for peace of mind, or send each receipt manually. Custom numbering allows you to start your tax receipting at a number that makes sense for your organization, and a complete record in Gigit means you can always resend or review your receipts as needed.


Identify specific funding priorities and create campaigns to manage them!

Whether you simply create one campaign for each fundraising year, or divide your fundraising into specific goals, donations can be collected for and attributed to these various campaigns by both your donors and in your administrative backend – giving your organization the flexibility you need to identify and promote funding priorities or special fundraising projects.


Direct donor communication.

Communicate with individual donors directly from Gigit using chat windows or email to draw attention to specific funding priorities or objectives. It’s just another way to connect with and steward your donors.


More donor insight means more effective donor stewardship!

Gigit gives individual community members the ability to build a Gigit profile that highlights the impact they have in their community through the interactions they have – such as volunteering, shopping local, fundraising, or making donations. When you receive a donation, you have access to your donors’ profiles – beyond the standard donor information gathered for tax receipts – giving you greater insight into your donors’ preferences, causes they care about, and more. Now you can ensure your messaging lines up with their giving priorities as well as those of your organization