Online Auction Creation


Online auctions make great virtual fundraisers!

If you’re looking for new ways to raise funds without creating an in-person event, virtual auctions are an effective and engaging option. But adding an auction component to any event can be an exciting and engaging way to generate additional fundraising opportunities.

With Gigit, you can build an online auction in minutes using simple drag-and-drop item set up, bid tracking, and bidder engagement. Gigit’s online auctions allow you to:

  • Create a unique, sharable auction event page
  • Add individual auction items and segmented auction product categories
  • Track online bids and automatically send bidder notifications
  • Manage item purchase and delivery or pick up


Create and share your auction page to generate bids.

Using simple drag-and-drop design create your auction page including images, videos, and content to tell your fundraising story and engage your potential bidders. Every auction page has a unique handle and url for sharing in social posts, emails, and on your website.


Individual auction items and categories make it easy for bidders to find the items they want.

Build your auction by including images and descriptions for each auction item. Set an initial bid price, and track individual bids and bidders right on each item post. For large auctions, create tabbed auction category pages to make it easier for your bidders to find the items they want.


Bid tracking and bidder notifications keep everyone engaged.

Watch your item bids grow while individual bidders are notified when they’re outbid in case they want to bid again.


Simple purchase and pick up or delivery management makes fulfillment easy!

Auctions items are paid for using Gigit’s online transaction platform and payments go directly into your account. Collect delivery information for shipping using a custom form or schedule pick up of items for specific pick up windows.