Volunteer Management


Simple yet robust volunteer management!

When volunteers are the lifeblood of your organization or event, ensuring you have access to the people you need is paramount to your success. Gigit not only provides access to engaged volunteers through our social platform, but also gives you all the management tools you require to get the job done.

Posting, finding, and managing your volunteers should be a smooth and simple process - and it shouldn't cost you money to make it happen. Gigit is a free, comprehensive operational platform that provides robust volunteer management. Gigit provides the functionality you need to:

  • Post volunteer opportunities
  • Create custom volunteer application forms
  • Manage volunteer applications through the approval process
  • Schedule volunteers or allow volunteers to place themselves in shifts
  • Communicate with your volunteers
  • Track and verify volunteer hours


Post your volunteer opportunities.

With simple drag-and-drop design functionality, creating your volunteer posts – including an image, description, and other information and insights such as videos of volunteers in action – to engage potential volunteers, is easy. Share your volunteer opportunities using unique sharing handles and urls you can add into emails and social posts for greater visibility.

Non-profit volunteer management

Customize your form questions to suit each opportunity.

Custom form creation allows you to ask the questions you want for each opportunity without being locked into a single, standard application form. Build your forms using form fields in a variety of formats to customize the way applicants can answer your questions. Your custom forms are available to use any time from your form library, making it simple to select previously created forms each time you post an opportunity.


Accept applications and manage the approval process.

Volunteers can apply for your open positions right in Gigit, submitting their application forms for you to review. Each time someone applies, you’ll be notified by email – alleviating the need for you to monitor the open position. When you’ve made a decision, approve or deny the applicants in Gigit, and your approved volunteers will become part of your volunteer database you can then schedule and communicate with right in the Gigit platform.

Manage volunteer hours easily

Easily schedule and manage your volunteers.

With a drag-and-drop style of visual scheduling calendar, create the shifts you need filled and then select and drop your volunteers into the shifts. They’ll receive a notification that they’ve been scheduled and can then confirm or deny the shift. Plus, if you prefer, let volunteers schedule themselves into the shifts you have created. Either way, you’ll know at a glance who to expect and when.


Communicate with your volunteers directly in Gigit!

Communicate with your volunteers using email or in a chat window directly in Gigit. You can choose to communicate with individuals or entire volunteer shifts at once, making it simple to send information and updates to keep everyone in the know.


Track and verify volunteer hours.

Whether for students earning volunteer hours to graduate, or because you want to recognize those volunteers who are dedicated to your organization, you’ll be able to review and adjust the number of hours each volunteer has worked as well as confirm those hours for your records and theirs.