Gigit Pricing

Gigit is a free social platform that offers organizations and businesses a comprehensive operational management backend. Not only does it provide a way to access an engaged social network, but this world-class backend provides the tools these organizations and businesses need to be more effective, and to thrive.


Is Gigit Really Free?

YES! Gigit is a FREE platform for any organization to use.


However, there are some small transaction fees that get added to certain transactions within the Gigit platform that users will pay.

Organizations can choose to pay these fees on behalf of their users if they wish. Note that these fees are subject to change but we will keep them updated on an ongoing basis.

Stripe Processing Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 or 2.2% + $0.30 for NFP

accept donations illustration

Optional Gigit Tip + Stripe Processing Fee

transactions illustration
Ticket Sales

2% + .49c + Stripe processing fee

auction items sales illustration
Auction Item Sales

4% + Stripe processing fee

paid gigs illustration
Paid Gigs

10% total fee including Stripe processing fee

Merchandise sales illustration
Merchandise Sales

10% + Stripe processing fee