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Creating Your Group Page on Gigit in Three Minutes or Less

The Gigit platform can be used by individuals as well as organizations alike. It’s a flexible social platform that connects individuals and organizations of any kind to their community in a purposeful and meaningful way
  • Gigit
  • 3 mins
  • March 24, 2021

Create a group page – 1

While individuals can find volunteer opportunities, shop local, participate in events and auctions, make donations, crowdfund, raise money for causes and organizations that matter to them, and share the impact they have in their local communities using Gigit’s social platform, organizations have access to a world-class operational management system full of features and functionality that’s free for any organization to use.

Using Gigit allows organizations and businesses to fundraise, find and manage volunteers or paid gig workers, create and manage events, build online eCommerce storefronts, run online auctions, create donate buttons and manage donations, as well as manage and steward donors. But organizations need to set up a Group Page in order to administrate and manage Gigit’s robust functionality for their organization.

Group Pages can be administered by one or more than one individual, and individuals can have a variety of access levels to keep the management of your Group Page and all of your Group’s activities on Gigit, streamlined and efficient.

While you can always book a demo for yourself – or as many of your colleagues as you’d like to invite - to get you started, here’s how to set up your organization’s Group Page and start using Gigit’s powerful tools.


Step 1: Choose Group Type

Picture1You can choose to create new Group Pages in many of Gigit’s create flows, such as creating a donation form to accept donations. But regardless of how you get there, the first stage in creating your Group Page is to determine the type of group you wish to create the page for. Gigit currently offers seven options:

  • Non-Profit
  • Business
  • High School
  • College/University
  • Service Club
  • Community Group
  • Individual

Select the most appropriate option and click “Next.” 


Step 2: Include Group Details

The next screen will prompt you to include information about your group, including Annual Revenue Range, Group Name, and Short Description. Click “Next” once you have filled these in to proceed to the next screen.


Step 3: Help People Find Your Group Page

Picture2Filling in the information on this screen will help people to find your Group Page. You will see different fields here depending on the type of Group Page you are creating. For example, someone creating a Non-Profit Group Page will be prompted to first list the group’s classification. Gigit uses the United Nation’s International Classification of Non-profit Organizations (ICNPO) to classify non-profits.

Once you have selected the classification, you may select a sub-classification to define the organization further. Note that the classification you selected will narrow the sub-classifications available to you. For example, if you selected “Business & Professional Associations” in the first field, the only sub-classifications available will be “Labour Unions” and “Professional Associations.”

Finally, you will be asked to indicate which causes the group supports. Typing in the provided text box will show you existing causes on Gigit. You are free to select one of these, but you can also include new causes if necessary. You may select as many causes as you wish.

Once you have filled out all the fields, click next to proceed.


Picture3Step 4: Insert Charity ID if Required

The next page allows you to indicate if your group is a registered charity with a simple toggle switch. The switch is off by default. Turning it on will prompt you to insert the official Charity ID for your group. The system will not let you proceed without inserting this if you have indicated that your group is a registered charity.


Step 5: Link Stripe Account

Gigit uses Stripe to process payments, so a Stripe account must be linked or created for many of Gigit’s functions, such as accepting donations or running auctions. Clicking on “Connect or Add Stripe Account” will take you to Stripe where you can link an existing Stripe account to the group or create a new one using the simple prompts.

You may also click “Skip for Later” if you do not want to connect the group to a Stripe account at this time.

Click “Finish” and you will be taken to your new Group Page.


Step 6: Finishing Touches

Your new Group Page is fully functional and can now be linked to events, fundraisers, and much more on Gigit’s platform. However, you can also add content to your Group Page, including profile and cover photos, and various components from the Gigit library, such as volunteer positions, interactive maps, and photo galleries.

To learn more about Gigit, and about setting up your Group Page on Gigit, book a demo or visit Gigit online at



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